On!Track Release Notes

ON!Track provides frequent releases and updates to the web and mobile software applications in order to continuously improve and add new functionality for its users. Find all the details about each software release below.

2.5 Feature Release Highlights

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Confirm Delivery

Confirming deliveries of assets is much easier and provides the possibility for a much more secure chain of supervision to have transparency over the movement and ownership of assets throughout different work-flows. There is now a signature card visible on the mobile app in order for the recipient of the transfer to sign in confirmation. Some organizations may want to require this for confirmation of delivery with specific assets. For more information on the Confirm delivery feature check out the release notes document here.

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Location Management

With the new location management concept of “location states”, it is now more efficient to manage the movement of assets across location types. For more information regarding the improvement to location management check out the release notes document here.