Fastening steel base plates to concrete or masonry.

anchoring base plates

Attaching a steel base plate to concrete or masonry is the most fundamental of all anchoring applications. Whether you are anchoring a structural steel column, hanging a sign, or securing equipment, Hilti has the right solution for you.

Hilti provides engineers and specifiers with a total system solution for every phase of the base plate application. To assist with your design work, we offer complimentary best in-class anchor design software, PROFIS Anchor. Using this software, specifiers can quickly and accurately design applications using Hilti’s extensive portfolio of IBC code compliant chemical and mechanical anchors.

Our team of over 1,000 engineers and technical professionals throughout North America are available to train and assist contractors in the proper installation of post-installed anchors. This training, coupled with Hilti’s SafeSet technology, gives architects, engineers and specifiers unmatched confidence and reliability that their design was installed properly.

mechanical anchor application

Post-installed mechanical anchors come in many shapes and sizes with equally different fastening mechanisms offering low to high holding capacities. Hilti’s mechanical anchor portfolio offers something for every designer from low capacity removable screw and sleeve anchors to medium-duty wedge anchors to high capacity expansion and undercut anchors.

Commonly known as concrete anchors, though many are also suited for installation in masonry, mechanical anchors do not have the installation and in-use temperature restrictions of their adhesive anchor counterparts. Additionally, mechanical anchors can be loaded immediately after installation whereas an adhesive anchor must be fully cured before loading. This flexibility offers design freedom to the specifier and added productivity to the contractor.

  • PROFIS Anchor

    Design Software

    Hilti’s PROFIS Anchor design software is trusted and used by over 10,000 engineering professionals each month who perform nearly 1 million calculations each year. The software offers the following design attributes: 3D user interface, mechanical and adhesive anchor selection, post-installed and cast-in-place anchor selection, and technical support.

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    SafeSet Technology


    Hate cleaning drilled holes? So do we. Hilti’s SafeSet technology allows specifiers to eliminate the most load-critical and time-consuming step in the post-installed adhesive anchor installation process – hole cleaning. When using Hilti’s SafeSet technology with the HIT-Z rod or the Hollow Drill Bit with VC20/40 vacuum, absolutely no dust has to be manually removed from drilled holes.

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    product approvals

    Approvals & Reports

    The Hilti group invests $180 million each year for product testing, research and development to ensure that the company continues to lead the industry in quality, innovative products and services. In 2015, Hilti opened a new state-of-the-art 27,000 sq-ft product testing facility in Irving, TX dedicated solely to bringing innovation to the North American market. Our anchor approvals and reports include ICC ESR, IBC, LEED, COLA, and FBC.

    Building code, city, state and industry-specific product approvals and reports
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