Efficiently firestop large areas with several penetrating items

hilti firestop solutions for large openings

Occasionally a cluster of multiple penetrating items will be grouped so closely that individual penetration systems cannot be used. In these cases, one single large system for multiple penetrating items is the most efficient solution.

The rectangular brick design of Hilti’s CFS-BL firestop blocks naturally fit in large openings and can be easily cut and modified in the field with minimal waste. The intuitive rectangular design virtually eliminates annular space between the bricks while the natural traction of the PUMA© material grips against other bricks and surrounding building materials allowing for easy installation, inspection, re-penetration, and maintenance. Additionally, the CFS-BL is compatible with other Hilti sealants to tackle the largest jobs.

  • hilti fire board

    New and Existing Penetrations

    Hilti offers solutions for large openings in new construction as well as designing around existing penetrations or renovation construction. The firestop board is best for new design while the firestop blocks are ideal for either new or renovation work.

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    hilti cfs-bl firestop block

    Brick House

    The rectangular brick design of the CFS-BL virtually eliminates annular space between bricks, can be easily modified with minimal waste and pairs with Hilti sealants to complete the large opening solution.

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    Engineering Services

    Engineering services

    Whether it be onsite consultation or corporate engineering support via product testing and engineering judgments, Hilti’s experienced team is ready to support you.

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