Strengthening an existing concrete structure.

shear dowels

Strengthening an existing concrete structure through the use of shear dowels is a primary application of post-installed rebar. Though this is commonly done to improve the performance of concrete slabs and structures experiencing earthquake and seismic loads, the application is not limited to geographic areas experiencing these conditions. Shear dowels are typically used to resist interface shear across a shear plane – the roughened joint between existing and new concrete. The primary shear mechanism – friction across the irregular surface – is enabled by the shear dowels that hold the surfaces together. Therefore, the standard design assumption is that the shear dowels are placed in direct tension as the irregular shear plane is translated laterally.

Reference the Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide for comprehensive design information on post-installed rebar theory, design and installation. Additionally, you will find ICC ESR-3187 for the HIT-HY 200 hybrid adhesive anchor system and ICC ESR-3814 for the HIT-RE 500 V3 epoxy adhesive anchor system on our Approvals and Reports page.

  • PROFIS Rebar Design Software

    Design Software

    Hilti’s complimentary PROFIS Rebar design software calculates tension and compression lap splice lengths for starter bars, development lengths for special moment frames and special structural walls and development lengths for shear dowels. The software also has the following design features: calculates post-installed reinforcing bar embedment based on research conducted using shear friction theory, is a web-based software with no download required, and has technical support included.

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    Approvals & Reports

    Hilti invests $180 million each year for product testing, research and development to ensure that the company continues to lead the industry in quality, innovative products and services. In 2015, Hilti opened a new state-of-the-art 27,000 sq-ft product testing facility in Irving, TX dedicated solely to bringing innovation to the North American market. Our approvals and reports include ICC ESR, COLA, FM and UL.

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    Technical Specialists

    Hilti’s team of technical field specialists performs 60,000 face-to-face consultations each year in North America. At your office or on the jobsite, our technical team is ready to support you from design development through construction with services like design assistance, “Lunch & Learn” seminars, webinars, on-site installer training, and technical support.

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