Fast, safer and compliant solutions for the nuclear energy industry.

Trust Hilti for Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA)-compliant products and systems designed specifically for key applications in nuclear power plants. Get it built faster, make the work environment safer—and get dependable performance now and for years to come.

Support System MI and MQ

MI and MQ Support Systems

Choose a versatile, reusable subsystem that can significantly reduce the time and risks associated with welding.


MI Systems

MQ Systems

Chemical and Mechanical Anchors

adhesive anchors

See why Hilti chemical and mechanical anchors are ranked among the best in the world for heavy-duty anchoring, seismic load applications and rebar doweling.


Chemical Anchors

Mechanical Anchors

Diamond Coring and Sawing

Diamond coring and sawing

No company makes a wider range of dry-cutting and diamond coring solutions for safe demolition of contaminated concrete and steel structures.


Diamond Coring and Sawing

Firestop Products

firestop products

Choose safe, compliant firestop solutions to properly secure penetrations for cables, pipes and Heating, Ventiliation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). 


Firestop Products