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Modular Support Plug-In for Smart Plant 3D

3D design software for modular support systems

Hilti Modular Supports Plug-In for Smart Plant 3D is a design and planning tool for piping, cable tray and HVAC duct supports used in chemical, power, mining, oil, and gas construction projects. 

With the Plug-In for Smart Plant 3D, your design team will be able to automate the process of placing Hilti Modular Support Systems into your design. The Hilti Modular Supports Plug-In for Smart Plant 3D reports Hilti Modular Supports in material takeoffs, bill of materials generation and allows for clash detection, minimizing risks and changes on the job site.


You can use Hilti Modular Supports Plug-In for Smart Plant 3D throughout your design, procurement and build process, sharing information and data throughout your project team.

modular supports plugin

3D Design

  • Hilti's Modular Supports Plug-In for Smart Plant 3D is based on years of Hilti expertise in modular support design and research. It embeds Hilti design guidelines to ensure the same level of safety and constructability in software designs.
  • Insert relevant support assemblies into your design.
  • Take advantage of the plu-in's smart assemble capabilities to quickly resize the assembly, swap out parts or add bracing.
  • Create a bill of materials and fully specified drawings with Hilti support data included


  • Hilti Modular Supports Plug-In for Smart Plant 3D supplies all Hilti part numbers on the bill of materials and material takeoff reports, making procurement easier. The plug-in also streamlines the procurement process for your organization by helping you identify, purchase and track all the Hilti products you need to complete a project.
  • As a purchaser, you can keep track of which Hilti supports and parts are being used on any project.


  • Get a complete specification compliant drawing for the plant - see clearly what needs to be installed and where.


  • Our Engineering Support team can help identify relevant solutions for your design and which Hilti supports are compliant with your engineering specification.
  • Hilti's Engineering Support team can analyze your standards and help you find the right solution when using the Plug-In for Smart Plan 3D.
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