Tools on Demand

Tools when and where you need them

It’s challenging and costly to manage the ups and downs of small tool needs. It's more important now than ever to control costs and if you constantly purchase tools that are not properly utilized, or overstock your tool crib to meet the ups and downs of specific projects, Hilti’s Tools on Demand solution can help.

With Tools on Demand, you put Hilti’s high-performing tools to work at just the right time to help save you the cost and headache of keeping up with underused tools or the need to purchase tools you only need for specific jobs.

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How to order Tool on Demand in HOL

Commonly experienced pain points

✖ Lack of transparency of annual tool costs
✖ Purchasing tools for peak project demands
✖ Purchasing new tools when they break/go missing
✖ Lack of tool tracking and accountability

Hilti's Tools on Demand provides...

✓ Known costs and accountability, no upfront cost
✓ Flexible tool up/tool down for peak demands
✓ Replacement tools available when tool breaks (at no cost)
✓ Visibility of all tools on demand

Help Save Time and Money

We can help match your tool needs with your labor demands so you have the right tools at the right times. Hilti's Tools On Demand (TOD) Fleet Management (FM) program gives you a flexible and optimized tool inventory that helps reduce your overall costs and adds to your bottom line. 

Increase Productivity

With Hilti’s Tools On Demand, there are no upfront costs. Instead, pay only a flat monthly rate with no shipping, return or warehousing costs – pay only for what you need. Tools On Demand also means faster, easier returns, including replacement of broken tools, usually within a 24-hour period. 

How Tools on Demand Works

1. Tool begins in the Tools on Demand center.

2. Customer places order for tool.

3. Tool used at jobsite for 3-12 months.

4. Customer requests shipping label when through using tool.

5. Tool shipped back via UPS.

6. Tool arrives at Tool Service Center for checkup and refresh.

7. Tool is returned to our warehouse until you need it again.


You can now easily check Tools on Demand pricing with your registered account. To start using this new feature any time of day, log into your account, locate the product you need and navigate to “Tools on Demand” on the Options panel to see pricing once you enter your desired date range.

Get started today with tools on demand

Once you have a Fleet Management agreement in place, you are eligible for Tools On Demand and can immediately begin requesting tools for your projects. Simply call us at 800-879-8000 or contact your local Hilti account manager to get started. Monthly usage fees allow the flexibility to pay only for the tools you’re using once in your possession.

Returning your Tools On Demand tools when no longer needed is simple. Just let us know you’re through with the tool and we will provide you with shipping labels to return them to our warehouse.

Minimizing your total tool spend in real dollars, and eliminating soft costs of moving tools from site to site, provides you with the opportunity to maximize productivity and profit. Contact us today at 800-879-8000 to get started with Hilti’s Tools On Demand program.