Increase engineering and design efficiency

Quality technical solutions for even the most complex projects

Efficiently defining and documenting quality technical solutions for complex construction projects can be difficult. Partner with Hilti for clear, expert advice, easy access to relevant technical product data and solutions designed to help you meet projects requirements for safety, accuracy, cost efficiency and quality.

Design software

Whether you are designing anchors for concrete or planning MEP installations, our design and modeling software can help make your construction projects easier, safer and more productive. For further design support, our construction services range from assistance with engineering judgements to onsite anchor pull-out tests.

PROFIS Engineering Suite for anchor design PROFIS Anchor Channel

Application-specific solutions

From reliable, code-compliant design of everything from post-installed rebar to firestop systems, we offer a range of application-specific solutions that help you meet the requirements for safety, accuracy, cost efficiency and quality.

Post-installed rebar


Learn how chemical and mechanical anchors for concrete and masonry applications provide maximum productivity, performance and reliability in any application.

Concrete Anchors

direct fastening system

Innovation drives our technologies, software and services. We run our own R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia and work closely with partners globally to develop solutions that help you meet or exceed the latest code requirements. 


Fire Protection

High-quality firestop sealing products can improve the fire safety performance of the whole building, and Hilti fireproof sealing products are fully tested. Whether in hospitals, hotels, nuclear power plants or data centers, we can meet the latest industry demands to make installation, refurbishment and inspection easier and more efficient.

Fire Protection

Detection System

Our solutions for detecting hidden objects in walls, floors and ceilings.

Detection System

PROFIS Engineering Suite

Software for faster, more accurate anchor and rebar design