A smarter way to measure

Hilti PD-CS laser range meter with integrated camera captures and saves precise measurements directly on digital photographs

Hilti PD-CS laser range meter with integrated camera module

Contractors for all kinds of construction work face growing pressure to deliver on time according to specific requirements. As a result, paper trails are being replaced by more sophisticated project management software.


Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi

Digitalized workflow

The PD-CS laser range meter, running on an Android operating system, is designed to support your daily workflow of data on the jobsite. You can now easily measure, document and share data from the jobsite with your office, using only one device.

Hilti PD-CS  laser range meter with integrated camera module

Stay on target

With the targeting functionality of the integrated camera, spotting the laser target is simple – whether indoors or outdoors, under any light conditions and even over long distances. Adding pictures and videos to your measurements has never been easier, thanks to this new wide-angle documentation camera.

Hilti PD-CS laser range meter with integrated camera module

Made to measure

Easy-to-follow graphics provide a step-by-step approach that allows users to measure and document in various ways. With the new “Measure from picture” feature, once a photo of a wall or facade is taken, any distance or area inside the picture can be easily estimated and documented within a given range through a simple drag-and-drop function. The "Draw in picture" feature allows precise measurements to be documented on wide-angle photographs from the jobsite.

Capture. Context. Connect.

Hilti PD-CS laser range meter camera targeting functionality
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Camera targeting helps spot the laser target easily - Intuitive guides and geometric calculations help save time - Thanks to the the Gorilla ® glass touchscreen, the PD-CS is extremely robust and easy to operate even when wearing work gloves

Hilti PD-CS laser range meter easy documentation functionality
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Point, shoot and mark dimensions directly on the photo - Easily document measurements to simplify reporting issues, the planning of materials orders or collaborations with partners - Save project data in a single PDF or CVS report, or export photos as jpeg files

Hilti PD-CS laser range meter wi-fi, bluethooth, usb connection
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Share and transfer data conveniently via Wi-Fi (into the cloud), Bluetooth or USB

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