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Hilti PR 3-HVSG rotating laser with enhanced head protection

Hilti PR 3-HVSG A12 rotating laser

Wearing a hard hat to work is a no-brainer. Why should it be any different for your most accurate tool? The new PR 3-HVSG tops its rugged housing and four-shock absorbent handles with an all new head protection.

Tough on the outside. Smart on the inside.

Hilti PR 3-HVSG A12 rotating laser

The tool is as tough as they come. It withstands a tripod drop of 1.5 m and a free fall drop of 1 m from all sides – even on concrete, thanks to its enhanced protection.

The body of the PR 3-HVSG features a patented mineral compound cast that keeps sensitive levelling components intact. An internal damping system reduces vibration dramatically. The tool delivers the highest accuracy and the best-in-class leveling time you’ve come to expect from Hilti.

Fast and simple.

Team up your PR 3-HVSG with the PRA 20G receiver and it forms a fast, reliable system for a host of different tasks like leveling suspended ceilings, positioning drywall track for partitioning, installing pipe runs and cable trays and more.

Always in charge.

Hilti B12 V battery

Hilti Cordless Power Care (CPC) batteries incorporate one of the most advanced lithium-ion battery technologies available today. Higher density cells and smart software individually monitors and controls each cell to protect the battery from overheating. With our new B12 V battery platform enjoy optimal performance and fast charging of your PR 3-HVSG – in only 15 minutes of charge time you get 8 hours of operating functionality!

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