Ship to Pickup Location

No more missed deliveries. No more wasted days.

Hilti ship to pickup location service

Constantly on the go? That can make it hard to receive deliveries.
Can’t wait to receive your new products? We have a solution for you, our new pick-up service.

Just call our Customer Service or place your order directly online.

Most of our products can be shipped to one of the 60 carrier-contracted pickup locations on the next working day.



Contact customer service


Hilti ship to pick up location map

Step 1: Order

Place your order via Customer Service or order directly online. During checkout, select the option to have your products shipped to our contracted-carrier pickup locations.

Step 2: Confirmation

You will receive confirmation that your order has been delivered to the pickup location. 

Step 3: Pick up

Pick your order by showing your good receipt number or your company name as well as a government-issued ID anytime the station is open.


  • More than 60 locations: HCT carrier stations
  • Available for Standard order and Repair order

Questions & Answers:

How do I track a shipment to a pickup location?
You will receive an e-mail notification when your order leaves our warehouse. Click on the carrier HCT link and enter tracking number to track your delivery status.

How do I know that my order has been delivered and is ready for pickup?
Tracking information will be sent to you by our partner carrier HCT by SMS or phone. If you did not receive any notification, please contact customer service.

When can I pick up my order?
Delivery takes one working day. Business hours will be displayed at checkout during “Carrier Station” selection and on final confirmation page.

Who can pick up the order?
Pick your order by showing your company name or good receipt number provided our partner carrier HCT by SMS, as well as a government-issued ID .

How long will the pickup location hold the order before returning it to us?
The pickup location will hold the order for 3 calendar days. If the order is not retrieved by that time, the location will return the order to us.

Can I drop my tool for repair at this location?
Yes, Pick up Drop Off Service is provided since 21 Oct 2019 via Customer Service.