Features & Applications

  • Minimize downtime and liability risks – Hilti dieless indent crimpers can access our yearly certification and free tool inspection services
  • Verified crimp quality – IEC and UL tested performance, tool lifespan and crimping action
  • Fewer errors – intelligent and self-adjusting crimping force combined with dieless operation helps significantly reduce the risk of errors
  • Built for access and maneuverability – slim grip and 350° head rotation make it easier to control the crimper in tight spaces or when wearing utility gloves
  • On the Nuron battery platform – cordless hydraulic tools without compromise thanks to longer-lasting batteries, verified tool quality and a range of services to keep you productive, today and tomorrow
  • Crimping copper cable lugs and connectors from 10-240 mm²
  • Suitable for conductors according to DIN VDE 60228 (fine stranded)
  • Crimping aluminum compression cable lugs and connectors from 50-240 mm²
  • Crimping solderless terminals (DIN 46234), pin terminals (DIN 46230) and solderless connectors (DIN 46341) from 10-240 mm²
  • Crimping standard-strand copper cables up to 500 KCMIL and standard strand aluminum cables up to 350 KCMIL

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