Features & Applications

  • Ultra-robust – inductive hardening makes these chisels especially resistant to mushrooming, wear and bending
  • Extra-sharp tip – engineered to penetrate faster when demolishing walls
  • Easier resharpening – the induction-hardened, high alloy steel can be sharpened using an angle grinder
  • Suitable for Hatsuri chiseling – specialized shank, tip and extra-durable steel for when you need more precise, efficient chipping or surface removal
  • Optimized for wall demolition – shorter shanks make these chisels a more efficient and comfortable solution for breaking up concrete walls
  • Demolishing concrete, brick or block walls
  • Creating shallow recesses at any position within the wall
  • For use with TE-H17 electric jackhammers, breakers or rotary hammers

Technical Data

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