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Decking Design Center

The simpler, smarter alternative.

The smarter, simpler alternative.

Now you can, efficiently attach metal decking to open web steel joists or structural steel without the complications of conventional methods. Using the industry-leading Hilti powder-actuated fastening system, you can install a variety of steel deck profiles in a fraction of the time.

More Applications

decking design center

Hilti steel deck fastening systems offer the right solution in a variety of conditions. 

Fastening Deck to Steel Joists and Beams

Metal Deck Sidelap Connectors

Metal Deck Shear Connectors

Building a better way

Hilti mechanical fasteners for metal decking offer significant advantages—including rain-or-shine installation, simple visual inspection and a reliable connection that meets or exceeds codes.  

Always Compliant

Every Hilti product and system undergoes extensive third-party testing and evaluation. The same is true for our steel deck fastening systems, which are not only International Building Code (IBC)compliant, but also certified by International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), Certificate of Label Approval,  (COLA), Facilities Management  (FM) and UL.

Powered by PROFIS

The beauty of Hilti solutions lies in the amount of research, testing and support that goes into every product. With PROFIS DF Diaphragm software, you can quickly select fasteners, sidelap screws and other components and then calculate diaphragm shear and other variables to find the best solution for your application.

Request a Submittal Today

Let the technical specialists at Hilti prepare a steel roof deck or concrete-filled floor deck submittal for your project. We’ll show you how a Hilti mechanical fastening system can satisfy your specification—and exceed your expectations.

Request a decking submittal

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Design Software

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Approvals / Reports

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Technical Data

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Preparing submittal documentation for the wide variety of Hilti solutions has never been so easy