BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Resources to help make BIM projects better.

To help simplify your design process, streamline submittals and fortify your concepts with the best possible solutions, Hilti offers a wide variety of digital resources for BIM (Building Information Modeling) applications.

Using PROFIS Design or other programs, you can access 2D and 3D BIM/CAD objects and integrate details into your designs.

Browse the list below to find the right BIM objects for your project. Questions? Chat with a knowledgeable customer support representative for additional assistance.

Hilti Button for Firestop

hilti button for firestop

Plugin for Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk Fabrication CADmep, and Autodesk Navisworks Manage that automates the entire firestop BIM process from identifying penetrations and recommending listed firestop systems, to generating a bill of material and submittal document to placing firestop objects in the BIM model.

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BIM/CAD Library

An extensive range of Hilti products are available as 2D or 3D BIM/CAD objects. You have the option to either 1) download the object in the desired file type, or 2) directly import the object into your software program. The Hilti BIM/CAD Library supports various file types and numerous versions of popular CAD software programs.

Access the BIM/CAD Library (online)

Access the BIM/CAD Library (offline)

Autocad plugin

The Hilti AutoCAD Plugin allows you to access the Hilti BIM/CAD Library from within your AutoCAD program to more easily import Hilti objects. Simply download the Hilti AutoCAD plugin, free of charge, from the Autodesk Exchange store. Once installed, watch the video (right) to see how to import Hilti objects into your model.

The Hilti AutoCAD Plugin is compatible with AutoCAD 2012 version and newer.

Download the Hilti AutoCAD Plugin

How to use the Hilti AutoCAD plug-in

  • Within your AutoCAD program, select the "Plug-ins" tab
  • Select "Hilti BIM/CAD Library" to access Hilti BIM/CAD objects
  • Select the desired object and the AutoCAD plug-in will automatically import the object into your AutoCAD software
  • Drag the object to the desired location within the model



REVIT Plugin

Revit Users must download and use the Hilti Revit Plugin to access the Hilti BIM/CAD Library. Current importing of Hilti object through our BIM/CAD Library only works with the Revit Plugin. Click the link below to download the Revit plugin, free of charge. Once installed, watch the video (right) to see how to import Hilti Revit objects.

The Hilti Revit Plugin is compatible with Revit 2014 version or later.

Download the Hilti Revit Plugin

TEKLA Software

For Tekla software, the Hilti Anchor Channel (HAC) product is available as a Tekla Family and can be downloaded as a single file.