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Firestop Overview Part 1

Firestop Overview Part 1

Fire protection is a critical consideration for architects, engineers and contractors responsible for creating the design, specification and construction of new buildings. It must also be considered in the ongoing maintenance of occupied spaces.

The elements that combine to ignite a fire are largely outside of the architect and engineers’ control; however, steps can be taken to control the spread of fire once it has started. Effective fire control within a building is generally achieved through a combination of active and passive fire protection systems.

Active fire protection systems are designed to react to the presence of fire by suppressing it with sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers or other proactive mechanical systems.

Passive fire protection systems are integrated into the structure of a building, restricting the spread of smoke and fire to a compartment that is comprised of fire-rated walls, floors and ceilings. To the extent possible, all penetrations through these firerated walls, floors and ceilings should be firestopped in accordance to a tested and approved system. Additionally, all bottom-of-wall, top-of-wall, and wall-to-wall joints in this fire-rated compartment should be firestopped in accordance to a tested and approved system. 

Firestop systems are designed to contain fire and minimize the amount of smoke passing through joints and penetrations to allow occupants more time to safely exit thebuilding.

Hilti Firestopping Systems

Hilti team members take great pride in the fact that our red toolbox is instantly recognized at construction sites around the world as a well-respected and quality brand. Hilti’s portfolio of firestop products, combined with a knowledgeable technical services team and innovative software offering, provides specifiers, installers and building occupants with the following key attributes: 

Outstanding Quality — Hilti’s firestop products are tested to the highest standards ensuring that only the best solutions are delivered to market bearing the Hilti name. 

Simple Installations
 — Hilti firestop products arrive ready to use on your jobsite. Installation instructions and quick reference videos make the installing process quick and easy. 

System Approvals
 — Hilti provides firestop systems that can be used both locally and nationally in compliance with corresponding codes and regional regulations. 

Comprehensive Solutions — Hilti provides firestop solutions for a wide range of joints and through penetrations where fire or smoke may try to spread.


Download Firestop Overview Part 1 white paper