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Resisting shear forces thorough transfer studs

X-HVB shear connectors

When designing a composite beam comprised of steel beams and concrete slabs, it is often necessary to resist shear forces by using transfer studs. These shear transfer connectors need to be attached to the steel structural members before the concrete slab is poured.

The Hilti X-HVB shear connector is a mechanically fastened shear transfer device for use in composite beam construction as an alternative to welded Nelson studs. This mechanical fastening solution offers many benefits as opposed to the welding alternative. Welding requires being tethered to and toting a bulky generator around the jobsite; it requires work stoppage in damp weather; and perhaps the biggest limitation affecting the optimal performance of puddle welds is the time required to hold the arc. Studies have shown that if the welder holds the arc less than 8.1 seconds, the weld will have a reduced capacity. Additionally, the ambiguity of the welding inspection process is greatly reduced when using mechanically attached shear connectors.

metal deck shear connectors

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