Screw fasteners for attaching steel deck panels together

Ensuring metal deck panels are securely attached to the supporting structural diaphragm is critically important to the deck’s performance and design shear capacity. Traditionally, arc spot puddle welding has been specified for this application, but there are many limitations to welding roof and floor deck panels.

Welding requires being tethered to and toting a bulky generator around the jobsite; it requires work stoppage in damp weather; and perhaps the biggest limitation affecting the optimal performance of puddle welds is the time required to hold the arc. Studies have shown that if the welder holds the arc less than 8.1 seconds, the weld will have a reduced capacity.

Hilti’s innovative mechanical fastening system for attaching steel deck to bar joist or structural steel beams provides a reliable and productive solution. Mechanical fastening systems are code compliant alternatives to puddle welds that offer many advantages to the building owner, designer and installer. Frame fastening systems consist of powder-actuated fasteners or screw fasteners for attaching a wide variety of steel deck profiles to structural steel and open web steel joists / bar joists. Hilti steel deck fastening systems have been extensively evaluated and hold all relevant building code approvals and evaluations including ICC ESR, COLA, FM and UL.



    Hilti’s PROFIS DF diaphragm design software allows you to design steel roof or concrete-filled floor deck systems with the following efficiency increasing design features and calculations: design diaphragm shear and uplift resistance, interaction, flexibility factors and deflection, show optimization of mechanical fastening over puddle weld, Design with the latest Steel Deck Institute Diaphragm Design Method and ICC-ES AC43, and receive technical support.

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    Technical Specialists

    Hilti’s team of technical field specialists performs 60,000 face-to-face consultations each year in North America. At your office or on the jobsite, our technical team is ready to support you from design development through construction with services like design assistance, “Lunch & Learn” seminars, webinars, on-site installer training, and technical support.

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    Research and Development

    Hilti invests $180 million each year for product testing, research and development to ensure that the company continues to lead the industry in quality, innovative products and services. In 2015, Hilti opened a new state-of-the-art 27,000 sq-ft product testing facility in Irving, TX dedicated solely to bringing innovation to the North American market. Our approvals and reports include ICC ESR, COLA, FM and UL.

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