Façade Firestop Design Center

Protect any perimeter.

Stopping fire and smoke at the curtain or perimeter wall can prove to be a complex and potentially risky challenge. At issue are the many attributes and conditions that exist in a number of today’s unique applications.

Hilti firestop specialists work in tandem with third-party agencies, field engineers and other experts to anticipate, innovate and test solutions in response to ever-changing situations. Together, we’re building the future of fire prevention and safety.

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See the potential risks in every application - and learn how Hilti stays one step ahead of secondary attributes.

Fire barrier system with zero spandrel

Hilti is the first and only firestop manufacturer to produce a tested perimeter fire barrier system with zero spandrel. Now you can create a fire-rated assembly for floor-to-ceiling glass applications without relying on the exception for 2012 International Building Code 715.4.

The Hilti solution uses a shadow box, curtain wall insulation, safing and firestop spray as installed in system HI/BPF 120-10.

Firestop solutions for curtain wall with steel back pan

Steel back pans at the curtain wall offer fabricators and facade installers a variety of benefits—and also create unique challenges for perimeter joint fire protection systems.

Hilti has developed two joint spray products to help. Silicone Joint Spray CFS SP SIL and Joint Spray CFS SP WB both install over mineral wool safing in the joint—similar to common curtain wall insulation. Plus, the system allows for installation from the topside of the slab—and provides a variety of additional attributes.

Hilti silicone firestop sealants

Hilti silicone firestop sealants are formulated for excellent coverage and sprayability. Each product provides fast curing and low-slump installation—meaning you can save time, reduce weather-related delays, minimize the risk of water damage and control runs on vertical surfaces.

Hilti cares: More ways to address secondary attributes

For each of the five major secondary attributes—installation, airflow, movement, water and sound—Hilti offers exclusive design guides to help designers, specifiers and contractors find helpful information and innovative solutions.

Save time with sample specifications

Hilti provides sample specifications for all major divisions. Choose from a variety of options based on performance or product type, and enhance the specifications on your next project.

Engineering Judgments

Hilti specialists will create custom drawings to accommodate your particular firestop applications. These engineering judgments are the result of careful and restricted application of accepted fire protection engineering principles and guidelines—as set forth by the International Firestop Council (IFC).

If you don’t see a current UL Listed System to accommodate your application, simply complete the appropriate forms and Request an engineering judgment.