Edge-of-slab fire barrier systems for single spandrel, zero spandrel and steel back pan configurations.

firestop for curtain wall applications

Perimeter wall fire barriers pose unique design challenges to architects and engineers. Like all construction joints, the curtain wall joint is a dynamic system that is constantly moving with minute shifts against the building structure. In addition, the joint may be exposed to both outdoor and indoor elements during construction. Specifying a curtain wall system that does not properly address movement, leakage and water ratings could lead to costly retrofitting down the road. 

Hilti has developed a line of products to meet these requirements along with tested and approved systems to address a wide range of exterior configurations. We are also the first manufacturer with a tested floor-to-ceiling vision glass system to meet the market’s current design trends. Specify your next project with Hilti curtain wall solutions today.

  • zero spandrel firestop

    Zero Spandrel

    Hilti is the first and only manufacturer to have a tested perimeter fire barrier system with zero spandrel. The system provides an aesthetically pleasing fire-rated assembly for floor-to-ceiling glass design and applications.

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    quick cure firestop sealants

    Quick Cure Sealants

    The fast curing properties and low slump formulation of Hilti’s silicone joint sprays combine to improve productivity, ensure consistent spray coverage, reduce risk of water damage, reduce tack time, and limit vertical run.

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    Engineering Services

    Engineering services

    Whether it be onsite consultation or corporate engineering support via product testing and engineering judgments, Hilti’s experienced team is ready to support you.

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firestop for edge-of-slab and curtain wall