Direct Fastening

Developments in Power Actuated Technology

  • Introduction to Power-Actuated Technology

    Education Accreditation(s): NCSEA, AIA, & ICC (1 hour)

    Overview: This presentation’s purpose is to set a basic understanding of power actuated technology, including the areas of construction when they can be used and the codes, standards, and approvals with which the products must comply. In order to convey this message effectively, the basics of the technology will be summarized, such as the way the tool works, safety standards to help to ensure user safety, and specific fastener characteristics which have been developed to advance the product technology. This presentation will educate and display the new technologies related to power actuated tools and fasteners as well as tools and resources structural engineers and specifiers can use in order to confidently utilize power actuated fasteners in their designs.

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Grating Attachment with Power Actuated Technology

  • Grating Attachment with Power Actuated Technology

    Education Accreditation(s): NCSEA (1 hour)

    Overview: This presentation will help drive an understanding of grating applications, detailing how to fasten grating panels to the base material. Criteria for grating selection and fastener selection will also be reviewed. The presentation will introduce and elaborate on new grating fastening technologies related to attachments on steel base material. It will also showcase helpful selection tools and resources for structural engineers and specifiers.

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