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Building Success Together

Every time. Every project. Every region

Downtime results in lost productivity which is the biggest expense factor for your business. At Hilti, we roughly have 200,000 unique customer interactions worldwide each day. A recent survey, we conducted (in 7 countries, 10 cities and 100 construction companies across all trades), identified 2 key factors that impact the profitability of jobsite projects: downtime and unforeseen costs.

2 Factors impacting profitability

Downtime during a construction project


Working to tight deadlines makes downtime a hassle that should be avoided at all costs. Tools can break down during projects and cause unnecessary delays.
We can help you minimize downtime and stay on schedule.

Unforeseen hidden costs of a construction project

Unforeseen and hidden costs

Project budgets are limited. Therefore, any unforeseen hidden factors like repair costs and the cost of consumables will impact your cashflow and profit margin. Our solutions can help you avoid additional costs and stay within budget. 

Our know-how

of 48 million experiences

With longstanding know-how in the construction business and about 15,000 dedicated technical consultants all over the world, we strive to provide the right solution for your applications. Our global expertise in product technology in combination with our services and consultancy will help you take control over your jobsite profitability.